Pandas Go Wild Slots

Animal-themed slots have long been popular, and this game carries on that trend. It's easy to figure out which animals appear in this game, as they're given titular attention before you even get started. Pandas appear in all their glory on the reels of Pandas Go Wild, but will they help you collect prizes or prove too difficult to find? Our review highlights the pros and cons of this game, so you can decide whether to play.

Developer information for Pandas Go Wild

This game is a Bovada title, only found at that casino rather than appearing across a selection of online sites.

It still has a demo version on offer though

This is reassuring, as you can never be sure of accessing practice versions at some casinos. Fortunately, Bovada has provided access to a fully featured game with demo credits installed.

Pandas provide the theme

That much was obvious, and we do get to see them in their natural habitat here, playing around and having a great time.

You'll appreciate the detailed design

Pandas Go Wild has a good design, with enough detail to make you feel as if you could reach out and touch the bamboo or pet the pandas themselves. It has a nice relaxed yet entertaining feel to it.

Getting down to basics with the Pandas Go Wild slot game

Here's how it works. It's a five-reel game, and it uses the standard format that gives you three symbols on each of the reels when they come to a stop. You won't see any progressive jackpots on offer, however.

There are three important symbols to watch for on each spin. The first is a red carp, used in the game as a substitute symbol. It can appear over all the reels, although it has a special trick up its sleeve (do carp have sleeves?) on the middle reel. We'll cover this in our bonus section below.

The second important icon is a lotus flower. This is used as a free spin symbol. Finally, there is a symbol displaying some bamboo. This is a bonus symbol. All special icons are suitably labeled as well.

How many paylines does Pandas Go Wild give you?

There are 20 in action when you play.

Several coins are available to choose from when you place your bets

This means it should be easy to choose one that would suit your budget for playing the game. You can only play a single coin on each line though.

Paytable information

The rules of the game, along with all involved symbols and special features, appear in the paytable. You should check it out if this is your first time playing Pandas Go Wild.

Bonuses to look for in the slot game

We mentioned the wild had a special feature to share on the middle reel, so let's cover that first. It acts as a standard wild on the other four reels, but the middle reel sees it behave as an expanding wild. Once it has appeared in full height, it remains where it is while the other reels spin again. This respin is free.

The bonus symbol is, of course, connected to a bonus game. They've decided to offer you a picking game here, so whenever three bonus icons pop up in a spin, you can move on to choose your icons. You get several bamboo icons first, and once you've chosen one of those, you can choose from the available fish on the next screen. Finally, there are lotus flowers to choose from. A prize is given for each pick, and your total is worked out and awarded at the end.

Free spins also available in Pandas Go Wild

Find three lotus flowers and you will be given the chance to play 10 free games. These come with a 2x multiplier on all prizes. Find another three free spin icons to secure another set of spins on top of your current ones.

RTP information for Pandas Go Wild

The return to player value hasn't been released, so we'll let you know when we find out what it is.

Our rating for the new slot game

This panda-filled game is a solid 9 out of 10 effort in our eyes. There's plenty to look out for, with respins, free spins, and a picking bonus to try and get.

What is the biggest prize in the game?

Our research indicates you could net up to 500x your wager if you managed to find the top prize in one spin.

Play the demo at Bovada Casino to find out more

You can only play the game at Bovada, but it's easy enough to check out the demo version to see how it works.

Play for real if you like what you see

There is a lot to like about this slot game, especially regarding those special features. We doubt you'll be disappointed. Sign up to Bovada, make a deposit, and you'll be able to play the real version.

Did you know you can play on mobile devices too?

Yep - Android and iOS users can play on tablets and smartphones if they desire.