Top Casino Software

Every online casino is powered by software. You may not think you’d need to be aware of this as a player. After all, you simply pick your favorite casino, choose your games and start playing.

However, the casino software each casino uses plays a large part in helping you make that choice. Each software provider will have its own range of games. Choose one casino powered by one provider, and you’ll get that provider’s range of games. Choose another casino powered by a different provider, and you’ll have an entirely different range of games to choose from.

Who are the leading names in the business today?

You may already be familiar with some names. For example, Microgaming, NetEnt and Realtime Gaming (RTG for short) are all very well-known. They’ve all produced some outstanding games players love. Maybe you’ve already played some of them without realizing.

The chances are you don’t look for online casinos based on the casino software they use. However, indirectly, you do use this information to help you make a decision on which casinos to use. You may find you like a particular provider more than another one, based purely on the types of games they produce and how good those games are.

Does the casino software help make a particular casino worth visiting?

Yes, it does. Some software providers require more in the way of financial payment from casinos than others. This means that if you choose a casino that uses one of the leading software providers, you know that casino is well worth using. They will have one of the best selections of games available – games that are of consistently-high quality.

Better games tend to be played by more players. This also means any progressive jackpots in play are likely to build towards much bigger amounts to win. This in turn attracts more players, and so on.

Do some casinos have games from more than one casino software developer?

Yes, although this doesn’t apply to every online casino. However, it is a good way to spot the better casinos online today. If they have invested in software from several of the leading providers, you can be sure the casino is a professional outfit that could be going for years to come.

Find your favorite software developer today

As you start to play a wide range of online slot games and table games, you’ll start to see how varied they can be. In time you might realize you prefer games from a particular provider. This can help narrow down the number of online casinos you like to play at.

The one rule here though is that the better the casino software is, the better the playing experience will be for you too.