Casino Bonuses

While all online casinos have their own style and appeal, they all have a number of things in common. Of course, they all offer a great range of games to choose from and some amazing prizes too, including jackpots. But they also offer something else – casino bonuses.

What are bonuses and why are they offered to players?

Bonuses are just that – a bonus to players who choose to sign up to a particular casino. While it costs nothing to join the casino of your choice, it does pay to choose wisely. The best casinos offer bonuses that could net you hundreds of dollars in addition to the amounts you deposit. Free spins and other perks might also be included, depending on the casino you go to.

They are offered for one main reason – they attract new players to sign up and start playing. There are usually other bonuses that are offered at various times too. Once you have signed up and made the most of the welcome bonuses, keep a regular eye on the bonus page at the casino you have joined. This will alert you to any new bonuses you may want to take advantage of.

Things to remember about welcome bonuses

Let’s take a typical example concerning a welcome bonus. Let’s say you get a 100% match-up bonus on your first deposit when you join a particular casino. There will usually be a limit on this – say, $500. This means you can deposit $100 and the casino will match it by depositing another $100 into your account. Deposit $500 and they’ll give you another $500. As this is the top limit, you could deposit $750 and still get just $500 as a bonus.

To make sure people don’t just withdraw this money, the casinos attach terms and conditions to the award. You will usually have to play through the bonus money several times (one site states 35 times, as an example) before you can withdraw any winnings you make from it. Always check the terms and conditions relating to any bonus offer so you understand what you are being offered.

The good news is it does give you a good start to playing your favorite games at your chosen casino. Make sure you make the most of any welcome bonuses you might get.

What about free spins?

Free spins are sometimes given as a freebie at casinos by way of a bonus. One site is currently offering a match-up bonus or up to 200 free spins. Other casinos might offer free spins as a bonus once you are a member, as part of another offering.

The trick is to keep an eye on other bonuses that are offered, and to get the most from your initial welcome bonus when you join.

Make sure you have the right bonus or coupon codes

Some websites require you to enter a coupon code when you want to claim a particular bonus. Make sure you have the correct code and enter it when prompted – otherwise you won’t get the deal you are looking for.

All that remains is to enjoy your bonuses!

Whether you are looking to join a new casino or you just want to make the most of your membership at one you are already at, bonuses can enhance the experience you have. Now you know more about them, you’re better armed to do just that.