Halloween Slots

There are many seasons and holidays that inspire slot game creators to develop new titles. One of the best examples is Halloween. October 31st each year gives us the chance to peep through the thin curtain separating us from the ghouls and ghosts on the other side. Of course, we can also carve pumpkins and eat too much candy…

And in the world of online slots, we can treat ourselves to a few tricky slots based around this famous night of the year. Here are three reasons why we recommend playing Halloween-themed slots.

They're spoooooky!

Of course, this is the best reason to play these slot games. Even though the spooky approach gives you a fright occasionally - and there are some frightening approaches taken by some developers - others are lighter. There are lots of cartoon characters and ghosts out there, for example.

This means you can always spot the best Halloween games to check out online. It doesn't matter whether you like the fun and bouncy cartoon approach or the games with disturbing characters in them. They're all great to see, with something for every player to enjoy.

They offer everything from famous characters to freaky favorites

The most famous Halloween-themed slot must be Halloween itself, based on the original movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis. Others feature popular characters including Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Not exactly specific to Halloween, but still ideal to play on that night.

You'll also see lots of other familiar favorites, including ghosts, zombies, pumpkins, and other icons featuring throughout the reel sets.

Many of them are entertaining all year

You don't need to wait for October 31st - or even the month itself - to get the chance to play these slots. They're always online, ready for you to take for a spin whenever you're in the mood. If you like horror and ghostly themes, you'll always find slots along those lines that work well for Halloween and the entire year.

How many Halloween-themed slots have you tried?

Once you begin looking for them, you'll be amazed at how many there are out there. Could this be your new favorite theme? Play a few today and see how you get on. If you dare…