Slots for cash

Start playing slots online today and you'll soon realize you have two options:

  • Play for fun
  • Play for cash

While most players will play for fun occasionally, and to see how a game works, many of them will start playing for cash eventually. When you wager real money on a slot game you open up the opportunity to win real prizes. This won't happen when you play for fun.

How much can you wager on a particular game?

The rules and coin values will vary depending on the game you choose. Most slot games will have minimum bets of one or two cents per coin. Virtually every game will let you toggle between coin values before you spin the reels, so you can select however much or little you want to bet on the spin.

Some games have a fixed betting amount, but these are few and far between. Five-reel games don't tend to do this - it only really happens in instances where there's a three-reel game with a jackpot involved, and a small number of paylines. Always check the coin values before you play to ensure you are happy with the amount you are betting.

One or more coins per line

While some games allow just one coin per line, and you choose the value as mentioned above, other games allow more than one coin to be played per line. Sometimes they might give you the option to play one, two, three, four or five coins on each line you activate. A few games give you the chance to wager up to 10 coins on a single line. This means you have the chance to win more if you are lucky enough to get a winning combination on that spin.

Very often, the three-reel, single-payline games allow you to play one, two or three coins depending on your budget. The paytable is typically shown on the game screen in these cases, as the reels don't take up much space. You will see there are usually three columns, each showing the prizes you could win depending on how many coins are played on the payline.

Is it worth placing the maximum bet on a spin?

It can be, if your budget is ready for it. This is of course the most important element to remember - make sure you can afford to play slots and have a strict budget in place at all times. This means you won't overspend.

In some instances the jackpot amount can only be won if you play the maximum bet on a spin. Of course, this can get expensive if you play that amount on every spin, and there is no guarantee you will win every time.

Additionally, you may find you only have a chance at winning a progressive jackpot (if one is available) if you play the maximum bet on each spin. Bear this in mind and consider whether your budget can stand doing so.

Remember to enjoy yourself as well as winning on slots!

The main reason people play slot games is to have some fun, as well as having a chance of winning some prizes. With that in mind, always choose a slot game that gives you some enjoyment, as well as providing you with a coin value range you can work with. If you do that, you won't go far wrong.